School is already kicking my ass. The next two and a half months are going to be rough. Someone come and hug me plz.

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After hiking for twelve hours out of a nineteen hour trek, it was time to watch the sunrise at Dinosaur Ridge. When we first looked out, the mountains were completely covered by clouds, but within an hour the clouds dropped and this was what we saw. It felt like heaven, and you could hear everyone present for this moment screaming and shouting for joy! I’d never seen something so incredible, I had to meditate and have gratitude to have experienced this. Some locals said that they’d never seen the mountains like this, even in their 40+ years of hiking there. (© Ka Ram Shim/National Geographic Traveler Photo Contest)

ya nası ya ciddi mi bu hoffffffffff

İnsanlar neler yapıyor, nerelere gidiyor. 

This is stunning

lucky man

This is going on my bucket list

The Rainbow Town
Cobh, County Cork, Ireland | by Andrea Pucci

ettor asked: Thank you lova 💋💋

Anything for my lil boo 💋

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The Midnight Planétarium watch not only tells time, but follows the orbit of our solar system’s planets. 

Anonymous asked: How far have you gone with a guy?


i went to canada with my dad once

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1) You’re empowering.
2) I like your voice.
3) You’re strong.
4) I think your ideas/beliefs matter.
5) I’m so happy you exist.
6) More people should be listening to what you have to say.
7) You’re a very warm hearted person.
8) It’s nice seeing such kindness.
9) You’re very down to earth.
10) You have a beautiful soul.
11) You inspire me to become a better person.
12) Our conversations bring me a lot of joy.
13) It’s good to see someone care so much.
14) You’re so understanding.
15) You matter a lot to me.
16) You’re important even if you don’t think so.
17) You’re intelligent.
18) Your passion is contagious.
19) Your confidence is refreshing.
20) You restore my faith in humanity.
21) You’re great at being creative.
22) You’re so talented at ____.
23) I don’t get tired of you the way I get tired of other people.
24) You have great taste in ___.
25) I’m happy I stayed alive long enough to meet you.
26) I wish more people were like you.
27) You’re so good at loving people.

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“There are a lot of sharks in the water. Most people don’t even know they are there. I shot this frame of a metre-and-a-half gully shark while there were about 30 guys free surfing. Nobody saw it. It was an arms length from me. Relaxed and just checking me out, but nonetheless you get a fright when you first see them.” JOHN FLORENCE, ALL TORQUE, J-BAY


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walking a drunk friend like



As annoying as drunk you is, it’s my favourite. CMON OVER I CAN MAKE US GIN ON ROCKS AND WE CAN EAT GLUTEN AND DAIRY FREE BROWNIES ettor

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Life is simple and short. If something makes you happy, you have to hold onto it, because at any moment, it could be taken away. It’s your choice.


Erica’s Dad, S3E11, Adam' s family

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The exposed neck: from the accessory nerve (emerging) to the vocal fold.© Mosby/McMinn